We cant find one other school in the world that offers LIVE SERVICE TRAINING. Students Bartend every weekend at Bassmnt nightclub to the public (You read that correctly). Students feel extremely comfortable Bartending for their first time at Bassmnt, Its the same place they learned to bartend.

The best way to REALLY feel what its like to bartend, is by bartending! Simply just obtain the Food handlers card and L.E.A.D certification. Links below!

Click the video from a Live Service Training

Bartending to the public was amazing! Huge confidence boost and gave me the “experience” to get a job right away.
— Former student James, April 2017 Graduate

One-of-a-kind experience! 

GBS has the crazy feature of being able to bring students behind the bar to serve to the weekend crowds for Live Service Training. Live bartending to the public! And not just any bar, Bassmnt nightclub has been voted one of the nations top clubs for several years (Nightclub & Bar). Hows that for "experience"? This opportunity will also be a huge sell to potential employers and show your new high volume skills.This is a training aspect that is an extension of the GBS program, students are not paid. Follow the steps below to find out how.

Although you do not need any certifications to participate in the GBS program, certifications are usually required by most establishments to work so its one less speed bump in the road to bartending.  Simply acquire your SD food handlers card (30 min online course, $18) and your L.E.A.D certification (Free 4 hour class offered by the city, can take it online, click link below) and  students that show the proper commitment and skills can come into BASSMNT during the clubs business hours and bartend to club guest. This training includes a walk through of the typical night of work and common procedures. This experience will be along side one of your instructors but not as a teacher, as a bartender.

For those students that do not get the certification or cannot participate, we offer the same experience during GBS class hours in our "Mock Service". GBS brings the nightclub experience by turning the club fully on! Music and lights, this atmosphere puts our students in the real thing! Students will be taking all different sizes and types of drink orders as they use the POS system and put their new skills to the test.

 Click links below to get your certifications