Course info and tips when researching schools


-Students taking the 2 week class have the flexibility to attend the AM or PM classes.

  • 2 WEEK AM CLASS: Monday - Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm

  • 2 WEEK PM CLASS: Monday - Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm

  • 1 WEEK CLASS: Monday - Friday 1:00pm -6:00pm

  • No matter what class you take, all students are with GBS until they pass the GBS test to our standards. We will NEVER give up on a student! We work as long as needed with each student to pass the class for no extra fee!

  • Our program includes text book, certificate, job interviews, free lifetime refresher classes, interview coaching, distillery tour, paid guest bartending, behind the bar practice time and more!

* GBS provides $6 parking vouchers for Horton Plaza across the street. All forms of public transportation within a minutes walk.

Owner/Instructor Adriano (Nino) Nunziante winner of the 2017 and 2018 San Diego Best Bartender! Students literally learn from the best of today.

Owner/Instructor Adriano (Nino) Nunziante winner of the 2017 and 2018 San Diego Best Bartender! Students literally learn from the best of today.

Section 1

Everything you need to know about the bar from head-to-toe. This section includes bar tool knowledge, how to set up your bar station, terms of the bar and more!

This section also introduces students to free pouring. Students learn how to pour, pour counts and participate in pour testing. Thru out the course students will be mastering pouring consistently and correcly.

Section 2

Learn all of today’s cocktails from 1-5 liquor drinks, shots, margaritas, craft cocktails, martini's, champagne and specialty cocktails. Also learn some great tricks to remembering them and pouring multiple drinks at once. Section also teaches the history of the liquors, beers and wines you will be serving.

Section 3

Aloha Point of Sale training- GBS teaches all of our students how to use the computerized cash register. Learn now and you will have a huge advantage when looking for employment. We are the only school to offer such training!

Mock Service- For students that acquire their food handler’s certification and get L.E.A.D certified we offer the amazing opportunity to come behind the bar at Bassmnt Nightclub while the venue is open to the public. Our program also includes a mock service during the class for all the students to feel the real life environment of bartending. This portion includes using the POS, mock caustomers, lights,music and energy to help simulate the real thing!

This is arguably the most important section of the class. This workshop is one-of-a-kind teaching you everything you need to know to beat out your competition in interviews and get that dream job. Our students bartend in days because of this workshop. All with no previous experience. You would need to be in the industry for decades to learn what this workshop teaches you. You WILL interview with confidence. We also completely break down your resume and show you how to format it correctly. Students email GBS their resumes after re-formatting for feedback.

Tips-What to look out for:

 THE "GUARANTEED JOB" LIE- This is not an industry that ANYONE can guarantee you a job behind a real bar. GBS has more connections and hiring partners then anyone and we still do not say things like that. Some schools are also staffing agencies and will try to use that as a way to promise a job. You will start as busser and eventually move up to the bottom of bartending, “special events”. YOU DO NOT NEED BARTENDING SCHOOL TO BARTEND SPECIAL EVENTS AND THAT DOES NOT HELP YOU GET A REAL BARTENDING JOB. The bar and bottles are not close to a real bar and there is no cash or credit card transactions. GBS is all about bartending part time or full time at a actual job you can count on, not once-in-a-while events that involve no skill. There is a big difference between making $1000+ cash a week making 1000’s of drinks behind a bar with customers and POS systems compared to some pre-poured wine and beers with a few 1 liquor drinks pour straight out the bottle.

“GET CERTIFIED”- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BARTENDING CERTIFICATE OR BARTENDING LICENCE IN CALIFORNIA. We refuse to sell this lie that every school does, its a misleading lie to trick people to think they MUST be certified to bartend. ASK ANY BARTENDER OR MANAGER ANYWHERE! We at GBS are ACTUAL CURRENT BARTENDERS AND MANAGERS w/ decades combined across the country, we know what were talking about, its not a real thing. If a school is lying to you already imagine what to expect. We do believe a certificate of completion representing your hard work is great but by no means does “getting certified” get you a pipeline behind the bar.

CHEAPER IS NOT BETTER- Sadly we get many students coming to GBS after taking other bartending schools to save a few bucks or because its closer. Do your research and invest in your future, you simply get what you pay for..

Section 4